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MI Deer Hunters Express Concerns With Bait Ban
Michigan officials approved a new hunting rule that will take effect in January 2019 as a way to control the spread of Chronic Waste Disease. It's a ban on baiting and feeding deer in the Lower Peninsula. “CWD is spread from deer to deer typically with their saliva and urine and feces and when you concentrate at these baiting and feedings sites the possibility for transmission goes up,” explained a deer specialist...

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    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    CA Appeals Panel Upholds “Unsafe Handgun Act”
    The dispute stems from California’s so-called “Unsafe Handgun Act” (UHA). The UHA purports to promote public safety by weeding out “unsafe” handguns from commercial sale by a series of design requirements for semiautomatic pistols that must be met by the manufacturer. These include a “chamber load indicator,” a “magazine detachment mechanism” (to prevent firing of the pistol with the...

  • Louisiana No Sales Tax Holiday For Guns, Ammo This Year
  • MD General Assembly To Consider 3D Printed Gun Ban
  • GA Anti-Gun Congressional Candidate Charged With Murder
  • Iowa’s 60-Day Waterfowl Seasons Released
  • Facebook Removing Links To 3D Gun Tech
  • NRA Protest March Nets $70 Nationwide

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