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Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
Virginia Anti-Gun Bills Advance
And no surprise, the Democratic-controlled Senate passed two more gun control measures. These bills will now move to the House of Delegates for their consideration. We will continue to monitor the progress of these bills and email you when action is needed. Senate Bill 1139 requires that anyone who possesses a firearm(s) in a residence and a minor under 18 years of age...

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  • Washington Committee To Vote On Firearm Preemption Bill
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    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    New Mexico Anti-Gun Bills Up For Vote
    Yesterday, Jan 30, House Bill 9 and Senate Bill 116 passed through their respective committees. Both bills negatively affect New Mexico’s law-abiding sportsmen and gun owners, and your elected officials in Santa Fe need to know you are opposed to them. As previously reported, House Bill 9 creates a fourth-degree felony penalty for a person who keeps or stores a firearm...

  • New Mexico Two Gun Control Measures Advance
  • OK Sherrifs Won't Enforce ATF's New Brace Rule
  • Federal Court Blocks New Jersey “Sensitive Place” Laws
  • Florida Supreme Court Upholds State Preemption Statute
  • New Hampshire Bizarre Animal “Guardianship” Bill

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