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Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
DC Showdown Over Carry Law
The D.C. Council plans, with a few modifications, to make permanent the same concealed carry regulations lawmakers passed on a temporary basis — despite the fact a federal judge is considering whether to hold the city in contempt over the law. A D.C. Council committee set to mark up the regulations Tuesday has recommended modest changes...

  • WA I-594 Includes Flare And Nail Guns
  • GA Gun Lawsuit Continues Against Corps Of Engineers
  • TN Pawn Shop Owner Vows To Ship Guns To Ferguson
  • Ohio School Has 30 Loaded Guns In Fingerprint Safes
  • More Police Killed In Accidents Than Assaults
  • UT Alarming Number Of Killings By Police
  • Giving A Firearm As A Gift? Some Reminders From NSSF
  • 5.56 Muzzle Device Shootout
  • Babies & Guns… I Carry Both
  • This Day In America's History
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    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    Ferguson Retailers Ordered To Remove Guns
    A St. Louis area gun shop refused a sale to a black woman because, according to the clerk, St. Louis police informed gun stores that Darren Wilson will not be charged. To be clear, this was not an instance of racism (not in the traditional sense, anyway) — the shop was just in the process of removing all guns and ammunition from the premises by order of police.

  • GOA Targets Maryland “Assault Weapons” Law
  • Washington Anti-Gunners Hint At Next Moves
  • Defiance Is Proper Response To "Gun Control"
  • PA Great American Outdoor Show Tickets On Sale
  • Be Careful Getting "Ready For Ferguson"
  • The Wild Alaskan: A Crab Boat Turned Strip Club
  • UK Man Brandishing Photo Of Gun Arrested

  • - US & World Headlines

    Businesses to receive incentive for hiring illegal immigrants
    Businesses will have a $3,000-per-employee incentive to hire illegal immigrants or native-born workers under President Obama?s sweeping action on ...

    Government to announce new smog restrictions
    The Environment Protection Agency will announce Wednesday a preferred range of 65-70 parts per billion to reduce the amount of smog pollution in ...

    White House veto threat ices plans to renew tax breaks
    A plan to renew a handful of tax breaks for business and individuals looks to have been quenched by the White House after a veto threat.

    Obama touts immigration action in speech frequently interrupted by hecklers
    Obama praised the contributions to the U.S. by a broad patchwork of immigrants, saying it is imperative that the U.S. act now to change its broken ...

    US lacks strategy to counter unconventional warfare threats from states and terrorists
    Russia, China, Iran, and Islamists are waging unconventional warfare around the world, and the United States currently lacks a clear strategy to ...

    Ferguson decision sparks nationwide protests for second straight night

    Developers plan to build underground NYC park

    Big cat released by leader on China goat-killing spree

    WH nixes tax break plans favoring corporations

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    Obama on Ferguson- The Problem Is the Justice System, Not Violent Criminals

    Race baiting CNN And MSNBC Reporters Get Gased, Shot At And Pelted

    Looting for Justice- Same Old Story

    Ferguson Racists Burn American Flag

    Holder- Despite Grand Jury Decision, DOJ Investigation Into Ferguson Case Ongoing

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    Garafolo: Redskins benching RG3 in favor of Colt McCoy

    College Football Playoff rankings: Top 4 hold, 11-0 Marshall breaks in

    Jets name Smith starter ahead of Vick for Monday's game vs. Dolphins

    Rose exits early again with injury as Bulls lose to Nuggets

    Red Sox officially sign Sandoval, Ramirez for $183M total