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Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
Federal Handgun Licensing Bill Illustrates Anti-Gun Machinery At Work
Federal firearm licensing bills are nothing new, but the twist with the HPLA is that it would bribe states with your federal tax dollars to require the licensing of handgun acquisition under their own laws. Of course, the minimum standards for these laws—the age cutoff, renewal term, background checks, submission of fingerprints and photographs, etc.—would have to meet federal standards. Essential to the apparatus...

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    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    TX Right To Hunt And Fish Amendment
    On November Ballot

    The right to hunt and fish in Texas is one of those rights that while it may seem to be irrevocable, is not truly guaranteed. This year you have the opportunity to change that. Proposition 6, a state constitutional amendment to safeguard Texans’ Right to Hunt and Fish, will be on the November 2015 ballot and if passed, will guarantee protections for sportsmen and wildlife conservation for future...

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  • WI Several Changes To Fishing Regulations And Limits Proposed
  • Otis Technology Sponsors 2016 SHOT Show University
  • VA TV Reporter Kills Self After On-Air Slayings
  • Larger Number Of Perch Found In Lake Michigan
  • Still No Clarification On Open Carry In Arkansas
  • MI Reward Offered For Info On Bald Eagle Killer

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