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DC Fur Ban To Receive Hearing
As previously reported, Bill 24-0758 outlaws the sale of fur products throughout D.C. with exemptions for taxidermy and leather. This ban leaves trappers and others who rely on fur products as a business with no way to sustain their activities. The impacts will be felt far and wide, including on all-fur products and any items that use fur in production, such as fishing...

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    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    Oregon Agrees To Delay Anti-Gun Measure 114
    ...Late on Sunday night, after defending Measure 114’s rushed implementation, the state changed its mind. In a letter to the court, the state said that it “agrees that the Court should enter an order providing a limited window in which Oregonians will be able to purchase firearms even if they do not have a permit, while also allowing Oregonians to apply...

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