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Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
House Bill Sets Fee For NICS Check
Characterized as a measure to fund gun violence research and victim assistance, a proposal by House Democrats would see a fee charged for National Instant Criminal Background Checks. The bill, HR 3987, was introduced by New York Democrat U.S. Rep. Nydia Velazquez without comment earlier this month. Titled the Protecting Americans from Gun Violence Act of 2017, it would assess gun buyers a $1 fee...

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    Hunting Fishing and Gun News Headlines
    FL Lawmakers Propose ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban
    Democrats in the Florida legislature have introduced several measures in recent days aimed at ramping up gun control in the state. The bills proposed would prohibit the sale or transfer of an “assault weapon,” bump stocks, or “large-capacity magazines” as well as establish protection orders to remove guns from those though at-risk and require mental health checks for concealed carry permit applicants.

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  • New Hampshire House Committee Rejects Bump Stock Ban
  • Study: Safe Storage Programs Produce Mixed Results
  • Aussies Raise Money For Farmer In Self-Defense Legal Battle
  • TX Compay Unveils Dash Cam With Facial Recognition For Police
  • Kalishnikov Unveils Electric Motorcycle
  • Anti-Gun Cub Scout Booted From Den

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